We intend to maximize the value of the promising drug candidates that result from our novel drug discovery research. To that end, we carefully evaluate business development opportunities, seeking collaborations that have significant potential to build value and create returns for our investors. Our current collaborations are outlined below. We continue to explore potential collaborations for our drug candidates.

BELVIQ (lorcaserin HCI)

Arena has granted exclusive, royalty-bearing license, or transferred intellectual property or other rights, to develop, manufacture and commercialize lorcaserin in all countries and territories of the world.   Eisai assumed Arena’s exclusive manufacturing and supply agreements with third-parties to develop and market lorcaserin in South Korea, Taiwan and Israel.

For Belviq related inquires please contact Eisai.

Nelotanserin Development, Marketing and Supply Agreement

We and Axovant Sciences Ltd. have a Development, Marketing and Supply Agreement for nelotanserin, Arena’s internally discovered inverse agonist of the 5-HT2A receptor. The agreement grants Axovant exclusive worldwide rights to develop and commercialize nelotanserin. Nelotanserin has been studied to date in multiple clinical trials involving over 900 subjects. Axovant has announced that it intends to initiate two Phase 2 clinical trials with nelotanserin, with the first trial in patients with either dementia with Lewy bodies, or Parkinson’s disease dementia who suffer from visual hallucinations, and the second trial in dementia with Lewy bodies patients experiencing REM Behavior Disorder. Axovant will be responsible for funding the development and commercialization of nelotanserin. Under the agreement, Arena will manufacture clinical supply and commercial product to sell to Axovant.

Nelotanserin has not been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration or any other regulatory agency.

Orphan GPCR Program, Research and Licensing Agreement

We and Boehringer Ingelheim have a Research and Licensing Agreement to conduct joint research to identify drug candidates targeting a GPCR that belongs to the group of orphan CNS receptors. The goal is to identify additional drug candidates that are suitable for continued research and development as therapeutic compounds for various disease indications, with the initial focus expected to be psychiatric diseases such as schizophrenia. The agreement grants Boehringer Ingelheim exclusive worldwide rights to develop, manufacture and commercialize products resulting from the collaboration.